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 About Us

Certified by competence.

We understand that norm conformity and personnel certification are not always easy. In the years since our foundation we have successfully certified businesses of all sizes and helped them enhance their competitiveness. 


Our team of experts and auditors will transparently and competently guide you through the certification process. The goal throughout the process is to overcome any challenges and increase chances of future success.  


As an accredited certification body, the CEA Certification GmbH is monitored by the advisory board in order to ensure constant and reliable competence, independence, impartiality and integrity. You can find more information on accredited certification bodies on the website of the Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle (DAKKS).

Unser Profil: Unser Profil

As an international medium-sized business we take our responsibility to society seriously. 

Our impact on social, environmental and economical aspects plays an important role in our business ambitions.

Image by John O'Nolan
Image by Hannah Busing


We support a variety of social projects. Amongst others, the International Police Association’s Traffic Colouring Book for Children and the Storelight Cup. We also support the volunteer fire brigade Munich by covering costs for a tool used to plan deployments as well as training in accordance with quality management.


The impact of our economic work also has an impact on nature. We strive to make all our services CO2 neutral by 2025. Within the framework of the “Green Audit”, we plant a tree for every completed audit in your name, advancing Earth’s reforestation.


Securing one’s own sustainable profitability as well as the path towards profitability is a focus of our entrepreneurial activities. 

We are not just mindful of the needs of our clients and suppliers, but also actively stand up against corruption and child labour. 

We promote open and tolerant collaboration between cultures and social classes.


Complaints or appeals are to be sent, in written form, to the CEA Certification GmbH ( or to the manager of the certification body (CEA Certification GmbH, z.Hd. Leiter Zertifizierungsstelle, Friedrich-Engels-Straße 26, 34117 Kassel). 

The submission will be processed in accordance with our complaint and appeal management process. Upon completion of the process, and potential follow-up questions, you will receive a written statement.

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