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Quality management

- The ISO 9001 & AWO -


ISO 9001 &
AWO Requirements

In September 2011, the AWO Bundesverband e.V. in Berlin and the CertEuropA GmbH reached a framework agreement for the realisation of QM certifications in accordance with the AWO-QM concept in institutions / organisations. The AWO-QM concept combines ISO 9001 requirements with quality requirements that are derived from the AWO concept. 

The certification of the integrated quality management system using the Tandem process ensures the application and compliance with AWO Quality requirements as well as those of ISO 9001.

Certification and surveillance audits are carried out by our auditor teams. Accredited auditors of the AWO work with us in the certification teams. They guarantee that the social requirements, as well as the AWO’s quality requirements, are appropriately taken into consideration. 

The CertEuropA GmbH uses their specialised experiences in social and health sectors for a successful realisation of the certification in accordance with the AWO-Tandem and ISO 9001 principles. 

The acquired certificate will make your quality visible and transparent to interested parties, such as banks and clients.


The AWO Way

  • Enhance Customer Satisfaction

    • A constant, high and transparent level of quality enhances customer satisfaction.

  • Reduce Cost and Time Investment (Better efficiency and effectivity)

    • By reducing quality costs and imposing more efficient processes, margins can be increased.

  • Minimise Risks and Maximise Opportunities 

    • Consistent and continuous risk and opportunity management allows you to act       instead of react in the right moments.

  • Enhance Competitiveness / Market Acceptance

    • A certified quality management system can make customer acquisition easier as well as lower barriers to entry 

  • Enrichment through CEA Expertise 

    • The CEA Certification GmbH is a German, internationally recognised certification authority. Profit from our know-how and the expertise of our experts and auditors.

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