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Accreditation and Registration Ordinance for Employment Promotion

If your education provider wants to offer procedures for employment promotion, you will need to be AZAV approved. 

You will need an AZAV approval if you want to participate in tenders or offer vouchers for objectives. You will only need further approval of quality objectives if you want to win participants through so-called education, activation and placement vouchers. 


The legislator’s goal is to secure the quality, transparency and effectiveness of quality objectives. 


Information on the job market is available through the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (German only).


The Federal Employment Agency (German only) offers more information.


Approval of Education Providers and Procedures

The requirements for you as an employment service are detailed in the third book of the Social Code (Sozialgesetzbuch) (SGB III, 176, 178 und 179) (German only). 

Aside from the prerequisite of the specialised, financial and legal suitability, a core component is that your education provider has an implemented and functioning quality management system. These prerequisites can easily be fostered in a quality management system based on ISO 9001 or ISO 29990. It comes with the advantage that you can orient yourself based on an internationally recognised and functioning standard.


An education provider approval is needed if you want to offer services in any of these 6 specialised fields:


  1. Objectives for activating and integrating the unemployed

  2. Strictly compensated labour exchange

  3. Objectives for job selection and apprenticeships

  4. Objectives for further training 

  5. Transfer services

  6. Objectives for inclusion of disabled persons in professional life


Upon approval you can request various objectives:

  • Objective approval for further professional training

    • These objectives are sponsored through activation and placement vouchers. 


  • Objective approval for activation and professional integration §45

    • These objectives are sponsored through education vouchers.


The Basis of Employment Promotion

  • Enhance Participant Satisfaction 

    • A constant, high level of quality increases participant satisfaction

  • Open new Markets

    • An education provider approval does not only enable you to offer objectives for activation and education vouchers, it also gives you the opportunity to participate in tenders of the Federal Employment Agency.

  • Reduce Cost and Time Investment (Better Efficiency and Effectivity)

    • By reducing quality costs and process capability, margins can be increased.

  • Enhance Competitiveness / Market Acceptance

    • An AZAV approval demonstrates that your educational services conform to legal requirements. This creates trust.

  • Enrichment through CEA Expertise 

    • The CEA Certification GmbH is a German, internationally recognised certification authority. Profit from our know-how and the expertise of our experts and auditors. 

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