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DIN ISO 21001:2018

Quality management for educational organizations

- Education is the foundation -

ISO 21001?

DIN ISO 21001:2018

Apprenticeships and further training create the basis for a successful and future oriented society. Over the last few years the need for properly qualified staff and experts increased considerably. Consequently there has been an increase in education providers. 


ISO 21001 offers requirements for quality management systems that are specifically tailored towards service providers in the apprenticeship and further training sectors. This helps education providers differentiate themselves from others in a growing market. As ISO 21001 is internationally oriented, it allows for wider comparability and competitiveness on both national and international levels, as well as European levels.


DIN ISO 21001 does not only take the education providers into consideration, but views teachers and learners as involved parties. 


In the foreseeable future DIN ISO 29990 will be replaced by DIN ISO 29993.

ISO 21001


The goal of DIN ISO 29990 is to create a generic quality model for education providers. This would create requirements for the competence of education providers and simplify the choice process for organisations and individuals when looking for the right education provider. 


Aside from requirements, DIN ISO 29990 also includes definitions of terms to facilitate a unified language within, and outside, the education providers. 


Alongside requirements for the education service, DIN ISO 29990 also includes requirements for the management system. 


Aside from learning needs, lecture design, delivery, monitoring and evaluation of the education service, ISO 29990 also details requirements for the quality management system of the education provider itself. Similar versions of these requirements can also be found in ISO 9001 as well as in other management system standards. Aside from resource planning, completion of internal audits and management reports are part of the system.

ISO 29990 

The Basis of Success

  • Enhance Education Services

    • A constant, high and transparent level of quality enhances education success rates.

  • Possible Basis for AZAV Approval

    • The Accreditation and Admission Regulations for Work Promotion (AZAV) require a functioning quality management system.

  • Minimise Risks and Maximise Opportunities

    • Consistent and continuous risk and opportunity management allows you to act       instead of react in the right moments.

  • Enhance Competitiveness / Market Acceptance

    • A certified quality management system can make customer acquisition easier as well as lower barriers to entry 

  • Enrichment through CEA Expertise 

    • The CEA Certification GmbH is a German, internationally recognised certification authority. Profit from our know-how and the expertise of our experts and auditors.

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