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Individualized, objective, transparent and measurable

You are looking for an independent verification of individualised needs. We will help develop your business specific standard. In order to achieve this, we will combine your needs with our standard competency. This results in a tailored, transparent and independent conformity of your requirements.


Qualifications, Quality Seals and Tandems

Together with our clients, we have created a variety of successful quality seals, labels, quality management procedures and quality control concepts. 

There is often a need for internal improvement projects to be ensured or developed, outside the scope of existing standards, using external analyses or reassessments. Together with our clients, we develop appropriate test cycles, concepts and scopes. We incorporate our expertise in quality standards and the certification process to ensure the consistency of requirements for existing and future certification projects. 

Current examples:


  • Development of a certification concept, including routine assessments of sales personnel, for a German automotive manufacturer 

  • Train the Trainer certifications for a variety of European automotive manufacturers 

  • A variety of quality seals and labels for the industry & service sector

    • Quality seal for a leading building service provider

    • Security label for a big security organisation

    • Risk management label for a public care and ambulance service


Additional customization

  • Enhance Customer Satisfaction

    • A high, constant and transparent quality increases customer satisfaction. 

  • Sharpen the Unique Selling Point

    • Convey your conformity internally and externally through an independent audit 

  • Minimise Risk and Maximise Opportunities

    • A consequent and ongoing chance and risk assessment will help you act instead of react in the right moments

  • Enhance Competitiveness / Market Acceptance

    • A certified quality management system can make customer acquisition easier as well as lower barriers to entry 

  • Enrichment through CertEuropA Expertise 

    • The CertEuropA GmbH is a German, internationally recognised certification authority. Profit from our know-how and the expertise of our experts and auditors.


Because Standards aren’t Everything

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