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Certification process

Initial certification: Level 1

In stage 1, the documentation of the management system, the scope and the resources of the management system are checked. After a successful stage 1 audit, the stage 2 audit takes place.

Surveillance audits

These audits do not necessarily represent full system audits and must be planned together with the other surveillance activities so that the certification body can maintain confidence that the certified management system continues to meet the requirements between recertification audits.

Initial certification: Level 2

The purpose of the stage 2 audit is to assess the implementation and effectiveness of the management system. In justified cases, stage 2 can be carried out directly after stage 1.


The recertification must include at least one Level 2 audit. After successful completion and a positive certification decision, a new certificate with a corresponding term will be issued.

Certification decision

After the audit, the certification body makes the certification decision. If the decision is positive, the certificate is issued with a term of 3 years (ISO) or 3 or 5 years (AZAV).


Certification may be affected by revocation, suspension, reinstatement or withdrawal of certification. Reasons for this may be fundamental normative, legal or other (serious) violations.

Certification Guidelines

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