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The CEA Certification GmbHis accredited at the Deutschen Akkreditierungsstelle (DAKKS) in compliance with the following standards.


ISO 17021

Requirements for Bodies Providing Audit and Certification of Management Systems

ISO 17065

Requirements for Bodies Certifying Products, Processes and Services

ISO 17024

Requirements for Bodies Operation Certification of Persons


In this context, the CertEuropA GmbH offers you a variety of accredited certification services for your business and staff, regardless of the industry sector or the organisation’s size.



Quality means Reliability

Quality does not just ensure reliability. Quality assurance and the resulting standards have been the key to innovation and systematic, continual development since day one. 



Information security is essential

Information security and data protection play big roles in our private and professional lives. Your data and information, whether private or professional, deserve the best protection. Pay close attention, and ensure that your information is safeguarded. 

  •  ISO 27001: Regardless of size and industry sector

  • Vocational training for information security


Arbeitssicherheit & Gesundheit

Occupational Health and Safety are Essential

Since the industrial revolution, occupational health and safety procedures have constantly been improved. Through a planned and continual approach you can ensure the safety and integrity of all the steps of the process. 

  • ISO 45001: Regardless of size and industry sector (new)

  • OHSAS 18001: Regardless of size and industry sector (established)

  • SCC/SGU: Operational staff and operational managerial staff

Portfolio: Projekte



Today for the World of Tomorrow

The focus on the environment and our impact are continually shifting more into focus; your own focus, your clients’ focus and your business partners’ focus. If you know your impact on the environment, you can better regulate, mould and adjust it to your needs and that of the environment.

  • ISO 14001: Regardless of size and industry sector



There is a Standard for Almost Anything

There may not be standards for all of your needs, however, they can still be verified independently. Reach out to us and we will combine your needs with our verification competence. 

  • Qualification concept and exam for sales staff for a German automotive manufacturer

  • Train the trainer qualification for a European automotive manufacturer

  • Various quality seals for industry and services

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