Safety Certificate for Contractors

- Personal Safety -


Ensure that your staff fulfil your and your client’s safety procedures and guidelines during national and international work assignments. A rising number of organisations from the service sector and industry sector (especially oil, gas, coal and energy) require that their own and foreign staff successfully complete safety training. 


SCC is short for Safety Certificate for Contractors, while SGU is short for Safety, Health and Environmental Protection (Sicherheit, Gesundheit und Umweltschutz). 


As an internationally recognised set of rules and regulations, SCC/SGU provides two different schooling and examination possibilities. 

SCC Doc. 17 - Operative Managers

SCC Doc. 18 - Operative Employees

An accredited certificate for SCC-Personnel can only be obtained once the attendee has successfully completed schooling as per Doc. 17 or Doc. 18 and successfully completed the corresponding exam.

Advantages for participants

  • Improved Occupational Safety

    • You learn important information in regards to hazardous substances, personal protection equipment (PPE), work at height and work in confined spaces.

  • Legal Provisions

    • Amongst others, you learn about Health and Safety law as well as European regulations.

  • Healthy Working

    • You learn how to handle and prevent work related accidents and workplace ergonomics.

  • Environmental Protection

    • You learn about prevention of environmental pollution and its consequences.

Advantages as training centre

  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

    • A constant, high and transparent level of quality enhances customer satisfaction.

  • Independent Quality Assessment

    • As an approved CertEuropA training centre you will demonstrate your high level of quality during annual monitoring.

  • Enhancement of competitiveness / Market acceptance

    • As approved CertEuropA training centre acquisition of new customers will be easier and it helps lower barriers to entry.

  • Enrichment through CertEuropA expertise 

    • The CertEuropA GmbH is an internationally recognised German certification authority. Profit from our know-how and the expertise of our experts and auditors and the exchange between our approved training centres.

Training Centres outside of Germany

The following CertEuropA approved training centres offer SCC courses: